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Umbilical cord tissue

Stem cells from umbilical cord tissue are particularly important for regenerative medicine, as they can repair and regenerate damaged tissue. They are also uncontaminated and the chances of success for a transplant are considered particularly good.

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Why should I store umbilical cord tissue?

  1. The umbilical cord tissue contains special stem cells and provides important protection.

    The umbilical cord must be able to withstand great strain, be stable and flexible at the same time. Two umbilical arteries spiral around the umbilical cord vein, allowing the umbilical cord to stretch and contract. To prevent the vital blood vessels from being kinked, they are surrounded by a soft, gelatinous protective sheath - the umbilical cord tissue.

    It forms right at the beginning of pregnancy as a kind of buffer layer around the umbilical cord.

    In addition to collagen and hyaluron, it contains a high concentration of mesenchymal stem cells.

  2. Umbilical cord tissue is highly interesting for regenerative medicine.

    Similar to umbilical cord blood, umbilical cord tissue also plays an important role in the collection of neonatal stem cells. Mesenchymal stem cells are particularly interesting for regenerative medicine. They are young, vital and multipotent. Thanks to their great differentiation potential, they can form different cell types within a tissue type and therefore have enormous flexibility. As they are still unaffected by diseases and environmental influences, the chances of success for a transplant are particularly good.


  3. The collection of umbilical cord tissue is simple and safe for mother and child.

    In order to preserve the umbilical cord tissue and the precious stem cells it contains for medical purposes, action must be taken quickly after birth. The collection of umbilical cord tissue is simple and completely painless for mother and child. After the umbilical cord is cut, the umbilical cord blood is first collected in a bag. The largest possible piece of umbilical cord is then removed on the placenta side. In order to minimise the germ load in the umbilical cord tissue, it is placed directly in a special transport solution. The umbilical cord blood and umbilical cord tissue are then quickly sent by express courier to the Vita 34 laboratory. There, cryopreservation takes place at around -180 °C using liquid nitrogen. The mesenchymal stem cells in the umbilical cord tissue also remain young, fresh and capable of dividing for decades as they did on the first day and are quickly available if required.


  4. How can the umbilical cord tissue be used?

    Neonatal stem cells from umbilical cord blood and umbilical cord tissue are a real treasure. As "all-rounder cells", they are able to develop into different cell types and thus regenerate diseased or dead tissue. Umbilical cord blood contains a particularly large number of haematopoietic stem cells, which play a central role in the treatment of haematopoietic disorders and immunodeficiencies. In umbilical cord tissue, however, mesenchymal stem cells predominate, which develop into bones, muscles, tendons and cartilage in the organism. They therefore develop the body's supporting apparatus. In addition, these stem cells also develop into organic tissue, such as the heart muscle, kidney, liver and blood and lymph vessels.

    Mesenchymal stem cells from umbilical cord tissue are particularly interesting for regenerative medicine. They are already being used in over 500 clinical studies worldwide. Classic fields of application are joint diseases such as arthrosis or rheumatism. Transplanting neonatal umbilical cord stem cells stimulates the formation of new cells in the body and repairs damaged tissue. Stem cell therapy could therefore perhaps even be an alternative to artificial joints in the future. Mesenchymal stem cells have also proven to be promising for autoimmune diseases. They are able to reduce rejection reactions of the immune system by intervening in a moderating way and helping to appease immune cells that overshoot the target.

True blood brothers.
Two siblings and a great success.

Wanting to live!

Jan Hömme is a healthy young man today. He was diagnosed with aplastic anaemia 15 years ago. At the time, nobody knew what would happen next. Only one thing was certain: Jan wanted to live!

Little brother, big saviour.

Two years later, Jan's brother Arne is born. And suddenly there is hope for a cure! When Arne is born, his umbilical cord blood is stored by Vita 34. The stem cells it contains are supposed to help Jan.

The battle begins.

The tissue characteristics of Arne's stem cells match those of Jan. When Jan gets worse, the doctors decide to use them. Vita 34 supplies the stem cells and they are transplanted on the same day.

Fought together, won together.

The therapy worked. Jan soon felt better and was able to leave hospital. And was soon able to do everything that other children his age do. Thank you, little brother!

Save lives!

Arne's stem cells have helped Jan a lot. He owes a lot to his brother and modern stem cell therapy. As a trainee at Vita 34, he wants to help others benefit from it too. Thank you, Jan!

Provide for a healthy future for your child.

Abundant source

Umbilical cord tissue is one of the richest sources of mesenchymal stem cells (MSC).

More vitality

Mesenchymal stem cells are at the centre of regenerative research.

For a lifetime

The transformative capacity of mesenchymal stem cells is crucial for the repair of damaged body tissue.

What our customers say

Gabriela Göpel
"When the due date approaches, you simply want to be perfectly prepared. The sight of my Vita 34 collection box next to my packed clinic bag gave me a good feeling every day."

What our customers say

Agnes Hildebrandt
"I considered the possibility of stem cell storage for my child early on. Thanks to the competent counselling and the great service from Vita 34, the decision was all the easier."

What our customers say

Petra Gänsberger
"Anyone who gives birth to a healthy child wants nothing more than for it to stay healthy. By securing my child's stem cells, I have made the best possible provisions for his health."

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Benefit from our services and our experience. Since 1997, parents have placed their trust in the high quality and safety of our processes and departments. From counselling to the cryopreservation of umbilical cord blood and tissue. For a more vital future for your child.


Our experts will provide you with expert advice and will be happy to answer your questions about stem cells from the umbilical cord. Vita 34 undertakes the careful recording and evaluation of the family medical history, which is prescribed by the health authorities. In the case of the use of umbilical cord blood, this serves the safety of your child. Based on the anamnesis questionnaire and the findings, our doctors clarify whether umbilical cord blood can be collected and used later from a medical point of view.


Collection and transport of umbilical cord blood

We will send you the temperature-protected Vita 34 transport box with the specially developed collection set in good time before the delivery. It contains all the necessary materials for blood collection in sterile packaging. The Vita 34 transport box with temperature-stabilising gel cushion, insulating polystyrene box and measuring chip optimally ensures the quality of the blood. Immediately after the baby is aborted, the blood is collected from the umbilical cord and transported to our stem cell laboratory by special courier. Transport from the clinic to Vita 34 is possible 365 days a year.

Preparation and storage

In the laboratory, the umbilical cord blood is processed according to international standards (GMP) and in accordance with official regulations. After cryopreservation, you will receive a certificate confirming successful storage. Long-term storage takes place in electricity-independent refrigeration tanks at around - 180 degrees Celsius in special freezer bags with a cassette. Your cryo-deposit can be stored indefinitely.

Choose your storage

Cord blood

Store umbilical cord blood and prepare for a healthy future for your child.

  • Prepared in the clean room laboratory and cryopreserved at minus 180 ° C.
  • Use in classic therapies, studies, healing attempts.
  • Starting point for the development of therapies for the treatment of brain damage, autoimmune and metabolic diseases.
as of1,200.-incl. VAT

Cord Tissue

Store umbilical cord blood and umbilical cord tissue and benefit twice.

  • Prepared in the clean room laboratory and cryopreserved at minus 180 ° C.
  • All benefits of storing umbilical cord blood plus the advantages of umbilical cord tissue.
  • Starting point for the development of tissue replacement therapies (e.g. for osteoarthritis, autism and lung diseases).
as of1,700.-incl. VAT