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What drives us

Pursuing new challenges is deeply rooted in our DNA. That is why we believe in medical progress and the associated growing possibilities to promote people’s health.

Because such progress will allow people in the future to shape their health in a holistic way, manage their health actively, and to optimize it by means of personalized therapies.

That is the reason why we never content ourselves with the status quo but prove our expertise by means of original products. Innovative products that enable everyone to better manage their own health.

What drives us is the responsibility for the highest good of humans: their health. We want to help people to sustain and restore their health. And not only that.

We want to help you taking care of a healthy future.

We want to help you in managing and optimizing your own health.

Because we open the door to a multitude of personalized therapeutic options.

Therapeutic options that contribute to people’s vitality.

Vita means life. The number 34 stands for the surface molecule CD34, which characterises the haematopoietic stem cells. The name thus picks up on the mission of protecting life by storing stem cells.

Vita 34

Cord Blood

Your baby’s blood circulation contains millions of stem cells. After the umbilical cord was cut, a rest of this blood that is rich in stem cells remains in the umbilical cord. Between 60 and 200 milliliters of the valuable blood can be collected by puncturing the umbilical vein. The collection is simple, safe, painless, and without any risk for mother and child. The stem cells at this time are intact, usually free from virus, extremely agile, and divide at a fast rate.

Cord Tissue

Stem cells from umbilical cord tissue are particularly important for regenerative medicine, as they can repair and regenerate damaged tissue. They are also uncontaminated and the chances of success for a transplant are considered particularly good.

Placenta Tissue

Stem cells from the placenta are of significant value - for example in regenerative medicine. The number of clinical studies in which stem cells from the placenta are used is constantly increasing. They are mainly used for neurological diseases (autism, cerebral palsy), MS, stroke, but also for diabetes.

Our products

You can customize the storage of stem cells from the umbilical cord flexibly according to your needs. We offer various products and terms for the storage. 

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