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Find out now at Vita 34 about your own stem cell depot for your baby!

  • Umbilical cord blood is life-giving and a valuable treasure.
  • Use in classic therapies, studies, healing attempts.
  • Starting point for the development of therapies for the treatment of brain damage, autoimmune and metabolic diseases.


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Order the Vita 34 Guidebook for parents

You and your partner or your family want to know more about the storage of umbilical cord blood and need further information to read more? Order the guidebook for parents – either printed by mail or digitally as pdf file.

Guidebook for parents - information at one glance
All documents concerning your stem cell deposit with Vita 34

Important documents for download

Do you want to know what you have to do to order a stem cell deposit and which documents you need beforehand? Find the important documents in the download section.

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With almost 800 clinics, Vita 34 offers you the largest network of maternity clinics in Germany, at which the collection of umbilical cord blood and tissue is possible.

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Vita 34 roadshows take place in many cities in Germany. They are the best opportunity for parents-to-be to ask our experts their questions directly.

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Recommend Vita 34 to friends, neighbors, acquaintances, and relatives, because we want to reach even more parents than before and inform them about stem cells from the umbilical cord. Only who deals with this one-time chance of taking precautions knowingly, can take the chance. Every recommendation contributes to one child more having the possibility of resorting to its own stem cells in case of need.

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Frequently asked questions

Vita 34 FAQs

The consultants of the Vita 34 customer service answer numerous questions by telephone or by e-mail every day. We compiled the most frequently asked questions concerning the storage of stem cells and umbilical cord blood and the related answers in the following

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