Store umbilical cord safely with Vita 34

The safe way to a stem cell deposit

Vita 34 is the most experienced provider in the German-speaking countries and your competent partner in storing umbilical cord blood and tissue. We developed reliable processes and safe materials for storage so that the stem cells are available to your child in top quality even in years.



Step 1 storing cord blood: After you assigned 34 to collect the stem cells of your child, the Vita 34 customer service will send you a kit for the collection of umbilical cord blood. Take the collection kit with you to the clinic for the birth and hand it over to the doctor or midwife.

Birth and collection

Step 2 storing cord blood: After the umbilical cord was cut, the clinic personnel or the midwife collects the umbilical cord blood and, if applicable, the umbilical cord in a professional, painless, and risk-free procedure. As soon as blood and tissue were collected successfully our reliable courier is available 365 days a year and will transport the package safely and expertly to our laboratory, where the further steps of storing the stem cells from umbilical cord blood are performed.


Step 3 storing cord blood: At the laboratory, the courier hands over the package containing the umbilical cord blood and tissue to Vita 34. Initial checks for external intactness, completeness of enclosed documents, and temperature recording are conducted. All work steps are documented in detail.


Step 4 storing cord blood: Umbilical cord blood and tissue are prepared for processing. All information on mother, child, and stem cell preparation is recorded, including name, time of birth, and maternity clinic. Assigning an ID number enables the clear allocation of test results, preparations, and child.


Step 5 storing cord blood: Blood and tissue are prepared for the cryo-preservation under sterile conditions. For this purpose, the components are refilled into cold-resistant storage bags and a special liquid is added, so that the cells maintain their viability even at the lowest temperatures.

Freezing room

Step 6 storing cord blood: The preparations are – protected in aluminum cassettes – initially cooled down to minus 145 degrees Celsius in freezers. They are finally placed in the cryo-tank, which is filled with liquid nitrogen and are stored at approximately minus 180 degrees Celsius.


Step 7 storing cord blood: Each tank in the cryo-tank storeroom is temperature-controlled and operated grid-independent. The aluminum cassettes are positioned in a shelf system within the tank. The frozen umbilical cord blood can be provided quickly and prepared for the application.

Cell culture and hematology

Step 8 storing cord blood: Finally, the number of nucleated cells is obtained and a virus infection or bacterial contamination excluded. The blood group of the child is typed preliminarily.

Your way to a stem cell deposit

It takes quite a lot of steps before, during, and after the birth until the stem cell deposit of your child is stored safely in the Vita 34 cryo-tanks.

Before the birth:

  • You are advised professionally by experts at no extra charge by calling Germany 041 541 23 48 or writing to
  • You assign us by telephone or online to store the umbilical cord blood and umbilical cord tissue. You can also use the order form enclosed to the guidebook for parents and send it completed by mail to Vita 34.
  • After the contract on the storage of stem cells was concluded, you will be sent the medical history form and the declaration of consent. Complete both, sign them and return them to Vita 34.
  • Vita 34 sends you the collection kit and the invoice of the down payment.
  • You take the collection kit with you to the clinic.

At birth:

  • After the umbilical cord was cut, the doctor or the midwife collects the umbilical cord blood and, if applicable, the umbilical cord professionally.

After the birth:

  • The clinic informs the courier. The courier transports the blood and tissue safely packed to the Vita 34 laboratory, where the further steps on the way to a stem cell deposit are taken.
  • GMP manufacture of the stem cell deposit at the highest safety and in top quality
  • Vita 34 cryo-preserves the cord blood and, if collected, tissue. The stored umbilical cord blood are, if applicable, tissue are safely stored in the company’s cryo-tanks for the next decades.
  • Vita 34 sends you the storage certificate, the invoice, and the follow-up anamnesis form.
  • You complete the follow-up anamnesis form and return it to Vita 34.
  • Vita 34 does comprehensive quality tests of the stored preparations and informs you about the results.
  • You can access any information on your stem cell deposit safely via the customer portal.

Download the checklist regarding the storage of umbilical cord blood and print it out.

More about the topic

Advantages and special properties of umbilical cord blood

Stem cells from umbilical cord blood and tissue are true all-rounders. A stem cell deposit is available for life and provides for safety. If the worst comes to the worst, the umbilical cord blood can be prepared for application within the bounds of a stem cell therapy. The cord blood stem cells are unique, young, and particularly adaptive.

Umbilical cord tissue - particularly rich in valuable stem cells

The umbilical cord is the lifeline between mother and child. It contains many blood vessels, through which the umbilical cord blood pulses. For the blood vessels to withstand the stress and not to bend, they are covered by umbilical cord tissue to protect and support the cord. This umbilical cord tissue contains a particularly large number of mesenchymal stem cells, which makes it particularly interesting to stem cell therapy. By storing umbilical cord blood and umbilical cord tissue, you get the double stem cell power.

Umbilical cord blood in modern medicine

The potential of stem cells from umbilical cord blood and umbilical cord tissue for the health precaution of your child is enormous. Scientists expect groundbreaking new findings and developments in the field of stem cell therapy in the next years. Vita 34 too works on enhancing the possibilities of application of umbilical cord blood. In collaboration with renowned universities and research institutions, Vita 34 investigates new therapeutic options regarding the treatment of stroke, heart attack, hematopoietic diseases, and diabetes type 1.

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As a precaution, store either the umbilical cord blood or the umbilical cord tissue after the birth of your child. We offer both at different prices and terms. 

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Storing cord blood and cord tissue

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Our guidebook for parents contains comprehensive information on the subject of cord blood storage. Order the guidebook by mail at no charge and without any obligation.

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