We are here to answer all your questions concerning the medical precaution of storing your child’s stem cells from the umbilical cord.”


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Do you have any questions concerning stem cells from the umbilical cord, the potential of stem cells in modern medicine, or our offers and services, simply give us a call. Our customer service and the scientific consultants will assist you at any time. Please do not hesitate and call us at 00800 034 00 000 at no extra charge or write an e-mail to kundenservice@vita34.ch or visit us on location in Leipzig.


Vita 34 AG
Deutscher Platz 5a
D-04103 Leipzig

Visitor and postal address
Perlickstraße 5
04103 Leipzig

Telefon: +49 (0)341 48792-0
Telefax: +49 (0)341 48792-20

E-Mail: info@vita34.de

Why storing stem cells with Vita 34?

  • 215,000stem cell deposits

    More than 215,000 stem cell deposits have been cryo-preserved with Vita 34. The cells remain young and viable at freezing conditions.

  • 37applications

    Stem cells stored with Vita 34 have been applied in medical therapies 37 times already.

  • 10world-beating stem cell banks

    Vita 34 is the only German stem cell bank to rank among the ten most influential and innovative banks worldwide.

Callback service

Do you want us to call you back? We would like to answer your questions concerning our services and everything about stem cells from umbilical cord blood and tissue, whenever it is convenient for you. Simply give us a call - and we will get back to you at the agreed date and time!

We get back to you, whenever it is convenient for you!
Information at a glance in the Guidebook for Parents

Order Vita 34 Guidebook for Parents

You and your partner or your family want to know more about the storage of umbilical cord blood and need further information to read more? Order the guidebook for parents – either printed by mail or digitally as pdf file.

Notification of changes

You moved and want to inform us about your new address? Or you married and assumed another name? Or your bank details have changed? Please let us know! Use our customer portal at http://portal.vita34.de to change your data, communicate your new data by e-mail to kundenservice@vita34.ch or call the free hotline at 00800 034 00 000. Thank you!

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