Through the close exchange with our partners, we know our customers’ demands and are able to develop new products and services specifically.

Cooperation partners

By storing the young healthy stem cells from the umbilical cord, you save your child’s own, perfectly matching stem cells. Therefore, the storage of cord blood is an appropriate way of health precaution for more and more parents nowadays. Vita 34 cooperates with selected public and private health insurances, partners from the industry and the insurance sector to guarantee the highest quality and safety regarding the health care by means of a stem cell deposit for their customers.

Your stem cell deposit is safeguarded!

The insolvency insurance of our insurance partner HDI Global SE protects the stem cell preparations in the long-term. Even if Vita 34 does not exist anymore in the future, your stem cell deposit remains.



Quality in the storage process of umbilical cord blood and tissue is important to us

The stem cells from umbilical cord blood run through many different stages from collection to storage. For a stem cell preparation to be applied safely in the future, it needs to be processed and stored with the highest quality. Important partners from the industry help us with that.

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